Programmatic Buying


Marketplace Workshop

London May 18 2016



This half day Programmatic Buying & Marketplace Workshop will take place on Wednesday May 18, 2016 on in London in the lecture theatre of the world’s largest law firm. It’s one of our regular City Briefing events and takes place as part of London Digital Signage Week.

Dentons UK MEA LLP, One Fleet Place, London, EC4M 7WS


The workshop itself will be centred around three topical debates or ‘sessions’. Each session leader will be inviting interested parties to contribute to the debate. Each debate is aimed at helping educate all involved in the programmatic buying and marketplace landscape; terminology, opportunities, challenges, implications, standards and next steps. The lecture theatre will add to the academic feel of the event and help with interaction. All attendees are encouraged to contribute.


The major purpose of the workshop is the production of a thoroughly thought through White Paper. It will include stakeholder interviews, a detailed summary of the day’s proceedings as well as specific recommendations on standards, supply side and demand side needs, reporting metrics, technology options and identification of criteria for selecting best in class partners. It will be available in print to sponsors and electronically elsewhere.


Admission price is GBP 295 per head, which includes tea / coffee break and a sponsored drinks session at the end of the day.




13.30 Registration opens

14.00 Introduction

14.30 Session 1 – Standards

15.30 Session 2 – Software

16.30 Session 3 – Programmatic

17.30 Networking & Drinks

19.00 Close





Led by Mungo Knott

The UK OOH Standards Group, which represents both the OOH specialist and OOH media owner operations within the industry has already commissioned SPACE – a unique data management application, which stores, categorises and standardises every piece of OOH inventory within the UK market but what’s next? What other standards now need to come into play.

Led by Adrian J. Cotterill

How much software do we actually need to make programmatic buying and marketplaces a reality? Why build when you can buy, why buy when you can rent? What are the major software players doing in this space and is it relevant? What are the actual platform choices for programmatic, ad exchanges or marketplaces. Should they be developed in-house or externally and who is going to standardise on all the APIs?

Led by Dirk Hülsermann

All of the technology companies selling into our space talk of automation and ‘programmatic’ changing the advertising industry yet few talk about revenue or yield management. Is it true that those advertisers who are already buying digital media ads without speaking to a single human are happy with the result? Are public or private marketplaces right for the out of home industry and how do demand or supply side platforms fit into the mix?